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AcroEducation is aimed at sourcing funds to assist the children and teenagers to pay their primary and secondary education while engaged in our children’s acrobatics program. Due to the high unemployment rate and poverty, this program opens a new life line to children whose parents are under the pronounced situation.

Circus club is a program aimed at introducing children to circus. Clinical studies also shows that sports (Acrobatics being part of sports) and recreation programs can help youth establish lifelong, healthy physical activities patterns. Regular physical activity can ward off life – threatening diseases; reduce feeling of depression and anxiety, help control weight and obesity, and build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints, improve corporation according to the Ministry of health Kenya.

Education is limited to the youths in the poor areas because of lack of funds. Most of them didn't finish their primary or secondary education. This program is aimed at teaching them technical expertise on different packages of computer (Power Point, Excel, etc.). These knowledge will make them to be able to present their works in well laid power point presentation, write an attractive curriculum vitae, etc.

The annual giving campaign is aimed at raising funds for the Mighty Jambo projects and programs. This will ensure the sustainability and smooth running of various projects and programs. We will also be able to reach as many children and youths as possible with our activities. We believe co-operation is the best way to bring development.

This is a program aimed at developing high quality skilled teachers. This in turn will raise the level of students’ skills and knowledge on circus arts skills. Investing in teachers is the foundation to a strong circus skills base for the students.

The youth and children need mental health. They need proper information, a place to contrast the information and do research. The library will have circus materials and also other themed materials for self development regarding life. This initiative is very important as we know knowledge is power and more over the right knowledge.



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