..:: Mighty Jambo Circus Academy ::..





To see acceptability of circus art as a way of expression and integration to the community and help artists embrace their talents and become role models who are instrumental in the positive development of their community.


To empower Acrobats by giving them tools to express themselves through performing art and to give them the opportunity to improve on their artistic skills so that they can eventually build a professional career in the performing art industry.


The primary aim is to develop artistic skills to quality professional world class levels, ultimately creating jobs.
To form arts related projects to rehabilitate disadvantaged children.
Contribute to the social and cultural development of the society in the widest sense by promoting public awareness, appreciation and access to acrobatics, dance, and contemporary music from Kenya.
Tap into, and preserve talent and culture through acrobatics as a performing art.
Advance the skills and opportunities of the artists through training workshops, outreach activities, performances and international exchanges.
Manage artists and develop new concepts.